Overheard in Film Class
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Things My Film Professor Says: Volume 2

The end of the semester is nigh, which means it is time for a semester’s worth of quotes from the infamous Dr. Drew Casper. I realized I haven’t been fair to you all because I’ve been typing quotes of Dr. Casper without you have the pleasure of knowing what he looks like.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the mastermind behind all your favorite film professor quotes….



Now that we are all on the same page, let’s look at some highlights from this semester!

“I’d like to see the inside of your guys’ apartments… that was parenthetical. What are you doing on that iPod?! …Oh, I thought you were doing porn. I caught him watching porn one time.”

“I know, I’m shitting on your favorite filmmaker. I know, I’m shitting on your soul.” (talking about Christopher Nolan)

“This side seems to be the brainy side… no, that’s just because I’m here.” (Referring to the left side of the class)

“Cell phones are the devil.”

“God bless those hispanics.”

“You are a gentle woman, Heather. I’m not being facetious.” (Heather is our TA)

“Give it a try, Gabe. I bet it’s wrong.” (on daring a student to answer a question)

“You obviously have a problem making love over and over again… I don’t.”

“It’s not something I’ve ever had the chance to do, but I think I could do incest.”

“Your body’s a temple of the Holy Spirit… don’t mark it up. This is going to go out of style, what will you do then? That was rhetorical, I don’t want an answer.”

“I discovered porn while getting my haircut, so help me God.”

“There’s nothing like seeing stars do it.”

“This isn’t a film about feminism—thank God. It’s a film about femininity.”

“Nothing ages more than film”

“They ain’t makin’ musicals baby! They ain’t making romantic comedies!”

“This is the kind of shit that keeps me up at night!”

*Girl sneezes* “That’s repression. Do you know what Freud says about repression.”

“Bette Davis GIVE ME A BREAK; all bug-eyed herself.”

“The French are prostitutes.”

That’s all I have, folks! Hold on to your hats because next time we have two NEW film professors and hopefully, lots of more quotes. However, if you do like Dr. Casper, I’m sure he will make an appearance again in a couple of semesters for his famous post-war Hollywood class.


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