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Things Film Students Say Vol. 1

I may have started at USC two years ago waking up early for chemistry and biology classes, but look at me now: a twenty year-old junior who shows up to class a couple of times a week at like 2pm. John and Paul were right, it really is getting better all the time. However, this new, lighter schedule means that I should probably pay attention when I am in class, instead of using my private school tuition to scroll through Facebook as so many of my fellow Trojans choose to do. That’s the idea that brings me to this post. I started listening and have instantly regretted not writing down quotes the past three semesters. USC film students say the weirdest things that no one seems to think is strange. Now, I’m opening the doors. You’re all students in the nation’s number one film school. Welcome.

1. Scenario: History of International Cinema professor shows famous clip of Eugen Sandow from the 1890s who essentially just flexes in front of the camera for about 30 seconds.

1. Quote: Blonde girl raises hand in front of 200 person lecture–“Isn’t this just like Instagram?”



2. Scenario: Following blonde girl’s remark to the Sandow clip, the students engage in frantic distress that the first movies ever had no story.

2. Quote: Text from my friend in the class, “film kids be like ‘there’s no narrative and that rlly scares me right now.'”

giphy (4).gif


3. Scenario: In discussion, the TA tells us to introduce ourselves by saying name, major, favorite movie of 2016 and movie guilty pleasure.

3. Quote: “I would say the movie that is my guilty pleasure is Inception,” says one girl.

“Uh, you know that’s not a guilty pleasure movie, right?” I interject.

“At this school, it is.”

giphy (5).gif

4. Scenario: In discussion, TA asks what we thought of the famous short A Trip to the Moon.

4. Quote: “It was like….so interesting….like….I don’t know….like,… new for the time…….like…uh….I don’t know.”

giphy (2).gif


5. Scenario: Film production professor lecturing on narrative structure.

5. Quote: “What is the inciting incidentthe turning point, if you will, for the movie Jaws,” asked Professor Watkins, a dead ringer for Bryan Cranston.

“It’s _____ scene, I would definitely say. Um, well…I mean actually I haven’t seen it,” one girl answers.

“So why on earth are you answering the question?” Professor Watkins

giphy (3).gif


6. Scenario: Film editing professor is going through syllabus on the first day of class. (This is a professor quote not student, so sue me.)

6. Quote: “What do you see when you see a poster for a film school? You see someone looking through a camera while another person points into the distance, don’t you?


Sort of like this picture found on New York Film Academy’s website

But if it showed people crying their fu*&%$* eyes out in the editing room, no one would want to do it. But that’s what filmmaking is.”

giphy (6).gif


I will see you all back very shortly for volume 2. I hope this made you smile even a little. Have a great Wednesday.








  1. phisticated says

    Uh… well… hmm… this post is just, like… um, well… so new and different… and, um… well… interesting for the time.


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