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My Favorite Television Shows

Can you tell that I’m a bored, 21 year-old in Tulsa, Oklahoma just waiting for her semester abroad to start? I reek of privilege that makes me want to crawl in a hole and think about the fact I’ve done nothing to deserve to live in the U.S. (http://www.ifrc.org/en/get-involved/donate/). Nevertheless, I have a bunch a free time, and I decided to use part of it to write. Not even sentences of substance.  Just good, old-fashioned strings of words about me and stuff I like. Classic. Today, I would like to tell you all about my favorite television shows. And while this list is embarrassingly long, these are not all the television shows I have ever watched. There are several shows I have seen did not make the cut (looking at you How to Get Away With Murder and American Horror Story). Also I had no (minimal?) friends for most of high school. That’s when I watched most of this good stuff. Without further ado, my favorite television shows (including seasons because let’s be real, it’s rare to love every season of a show):


Glee (season 1-whenever the new generation came and ruined it)


People are surprised this is my favorite all-time show. But really, riddle me a better premise: high school geeks and jocks singing their feelings through one of the most confusing time in their lives. As Stefon would say, this show has everything: songs we all know and love, high schoolers coming of age– it addresses relevant social issues left and right–there’s impeccable acting. The cast was a literal family. Killer guest stars (John Stamos, Britney Spears, Idina Menzel, ETC.) This show changed my life. And more than just the addition of an orange homemade Gleek t-shirt to my closet. Glee is everything a television should should be. Every few months or so I’ll re-watch a clump of episodes. It always ends up with me crying watching Cory’s tribute episode. My favorite episode, however, is season 4 episode 4, The Break Up.

Black Mirror (all 3 seasons)


If you have had a conversation with me in the past two months, there is a good chance I brought up this show at some point. You can read my thoughts about Black Mirror here.

Downton Abbey {seasons 1 and 2 (and sort of 3)}


I actually sat in my basement with my mother during Christmas break my senior year in high school and watch these two seasons straight through. I still get chills thinking about the finale with Matthew. The snappy quips, the gowns, the dramaaaaaa.

Friday Night Lights (season 1)


This is a universally liked show. At least the first season is. I would like to have a very serious conversation with you, if you do not like this show. Coach Taylor. Tim Riggins. Connie Britton. GOALS. There is nothing like FNL–an absolute classic first season of a show.

Sherlock (all three seasons)


Benedict Cumberbatch is famous because of this show. Nobody can convince me otherwise. I think he will always be cast in roles similar to Sherlock. Playing a high functioning sociopath is what he does best. The incorporation of modern technology, the brilliance of the mind palace, the high production value, dreamy British accents!!!!!! Who doesn’t feel super smart when they watch this show?

Gilmore Girls (all 7 seasons + year in the life)


I spent January-August 2016 with Amy Sherman-Palladino’s creation. The dialogue is second to none. Easily, the most quotable drama in my favorites. GG is like a nap on a sunny afternoon or a blanket on a raining morning: pure comfort.

Girls (all 5 seasons)


You can read about my love for Lena Dunham’s brilliantly and truthfully written show here.

Gossip Girl (first 5 seasons+last episode)


Spent practically all of summer 2015 watching Gossip Girl. I still think that Blair and Chuck are potentially real people out there. I think that Gossip Girl is what every teenage girl watches, then lusts after. Before Pretty Little Liars, we would obsess over whatever S or B were wearing in season 2 episode 1. The only difference is that Gossip Girl actually has a great story line and PLL doesn’t. Like I will still randomly watch episodes from this show. It’s so juicy; i LOVE IT. Plus, I own the series finale as an episode on iTunes because why not.

One Tree Hill (first 8 seasons+last episode)


OTH is probably the only show on here that really still makes me cringe to re-watch. Nevertheless, the reason one of my best friends and I met freshman year was because we started crying talking about our mutual love for OTH. I feel such a strong familial connection to all of the characters (but mainly Brooke tbh) that the thought of not putting this show on this list feels wrong in my heart.

Monk (Seasons 1-4)


I spent most of my winter freshman year in high school knitting a scarf and watching the first four seasons of Monk. Before I knew it, Netflix removed the show and I never got to finish. I would love to complete it someday. Of all the crime shows, which I do enjoy as a whole, Monk will forever be my favorite OCD detective.


30 Rock (all 7 seasons)

giphy (8).gif

giphy (9).gif

To this day, the only show I have sat and watched the entire first season without leaving my bed. Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey are GOLD. The most quotable comedy show I have ever watched (tie w/ Gilmore Girls). Tracy Morgan. Jenna Krakowski. I had so much trouble even picking two gifs to put in this article. Jon Hamm’s recurring guest appearance. All the other writers who terrorize Liz. Elizabeth Banks as Jack’s wife. Kenneth (is an actor even playing him?). This show is everything. So quotable. So relatable. Liz Lemon has to be one of the greatest characters ever written.

Parks and Recreation (seasons 1-5)


I have seen this show more times than any other show on this list, at least five times all the way through (except the last season, which I refuse to watch). At this point, I mainly put on Parks and Rec while I do other things. Pro-tip: the episode Indianapolis is my favorite episode, give it a watch.

Portlandia (all 6 seasons)


Read about my ardent love for this show here.

Saturday Night Live (uh I’ve mainly just watched the past 4 years or so)

Ok, who doesn’t like this show? That would honestly be pretty strange. Here are some recent favorite sketches:

Modern Family (seasons 1-4)


I spent all of the great snowpocalypse senior year in HS watching this hilarious show. In my opinion, Modern Family had the mockumentary on LOCK during the earliest seasons. The writers deserved every freaking Emmy they were awarded. Do the current episodes make me laugh? Not so much, but what a time we had together in the beginning.

The Big Bang Theory (seasons 1-6)


Similar situation as with Modern Family: was great, isn’t anymore, 10/10 still would watch the early episodes and laugh to the point of tears. Also I’ll forget my own name before I get its theme song.

Reality Television:

Dance Moms



I love this show. I love the dancing. I love the cattiness of the moms. I love it all.

House Hunters International


I’m convinced I could go into a career in real estate from this show.

Love It or List It


Who knew that HGTV made THRILLERS?!??!?! I mean the suspense of whether Hillary or David would win just kept me coming back for more!!! It took me a good year to discover that all these small and strangely depressing homes were actually Canadian…nevertheless, I want to be on this show.

Say Yes to the Dress


Friday Brideday ruled my life in high school. I literally had to peel myself off the couch on Friday nights to go to basketball practice after a couple hours of SYTTD. Once there was even a Mormon girl on the show….I’m pretty sure she was 19…

What Not to Wear


Low key, I really only watched this when I was 16 (10/10 would watch now but don’t know how) and learned some GREAT style tips and some GREAT tips on how to not get my hair cut. Bangs is really not always the answer.

Four Weddings


I mean, why have friends get married when you can just watch this show from the comfort of your couch?!? I turn into my optimum judgy-reality TV audience member during this show. I mean, did she really think that paper lanterns was original or that she could get away with a half-hearted ice cream bar?


There you have it. My favorite shows. If you also love any of these shows, tell me!!! I love talking about these so so so much. Also, I’m always in the market for a new one. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Shows that have already been suggested to me that I do not want suggested anymore: Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Narcos, Orange is the New Black, Jane the Virgin…

thx friends



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