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Movie Review: Jackie

Star rating: 3.5/4

I saw this movie about a month ago back in Tulsa with my mother. I am not entirely sure why I did not jot down my immediate thoughts, as I normally do after I see a film. However, this wonderful movie has stayed with me, compelling me to write a quick review.

I am not normally a huge fan of the biopic in terms of entertainment value. But Jackie really kept me interested. Perhaps it was the haunting discordant score of string instruments. Or maybe it was Natalie Portman’s soft voice as the First Lady. I know that the jagged narrative, which jumped around sporadically from Jackie’s interview post assassination to her life preceding the tragedy, was compelling. Peter Sarsgaard is a personal favorite of mine, so I’m a little biased with everything he does.

A month after viewing, I am struggling to give specifics for why I enjoyed it so much beyond what I just said. But since I still think of Jackie a month after viewing with awe, I recommend it is worth your time.

I would watch more biopics if they were like Jackie.


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