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Movie Review: Miss Sloane


Directed by: John Madden (Shakespeare in Love)

Written by: Jonathan Perera (literally nothing else; this is his first writing credit ever)

Starring: Jessica Chastain, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, John Lithgow, Mark Strong, Sam Waterson, Alison Pill

I have seen a few movies without posting a review (Split, King Kong, Logan, Hidden Figures) because I am working on some other ideas. I figured I would follow the same protocol for Miss Sloane tonight: see the movie, jot down my thoughts, and save for later.

That was before.

After seeing what is undoubtedly the best movie I have seen in theaters in over a year, I feel compelled to write a review. I loved this movie. This is my first four-star review since…..I actually do not even know. It’s been well over a year, though. This review will not be good either. I just need to quickly spew how utterly, mind-boggling superb this movie is so that you all can see it and know what I’m talking about.

I don’t even want to think about awards Miss Sloane did not receive. There are times when a movie is brilliant but simply did not have the funds to market the movie / critics swayed the Oscar pool another way / whatever. This is that un-awarded movie that shines not because the NYTimes told you so but because its incredibleness speaks for itself.

To start, Jessica Chastain. She is perfection. Her strong delivery. Her shaking. Her eye contact. No detail was accidental. Chastain carefully constructed one of the most interesting female characters I have ever seen in a movie.

The script had no fat. It was funny, fast, engaging, sexy, dark, relevant, thrilling, running out of adjectives. This was screenwriter Jonathan Perera’s first movie. I’m linking his IMDb page so you can see this is his only credit. My only hope is his next movie is well-financied and coming out soon. I will see anything this person writes from now on. At no point in the  2 hours and 10 minute running time did I feel compelled to check my phone for the time. Perera wrote fascinating characters. He made them 3 dimensional without making the audience feel like the characters were just saying “…and now I’m awkwardly dropping in information about my childhood so I’m not a 1 dimensional character.”

I cannot find fault in any parts of this movie. The editing was crisp. The music was divine. The costume design was to die for.

You’ll notice I didn’t give a plot summary. I had no idea what this movie was about when I walked into the theater earlier this evening. Trust me. Just see it. Thank me later.



  1. I enjoyed reading your review and agree that its a gripping film. The acting is brilliant, directing is tight but more importantly, its a cool exposé of how deals really get made at the top and how everyone is corrupted by the process.


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